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Smart Business Cards: How They Can Help Boost Your Digital Transformation?

How they can help boost your digital transformation

Looking for affordable yet effective ways to digitally transform your business? Read our blog to know some of the quickest and most efficient ways to boost your digital transformation process.

The world is advancing with every passing minute encouraging businesses to transform digitally. So what’s digital transformation? It is the integration of technology into every aspect of a business. It fundamentally includes changing how a business operates and delivers value to its customers.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process of adapting and evolving according to market changes. Hence, it requires a holistic approach that touches every business aspect.

One crucial area where businesses can leverage digital transformation is the way they network and exchange contact information. As you know, networking is essential for every business to grow and expand its clients’ and customers’ networks.

Over years, traditional business cards have become increasingly obsolete. That’s because more and more professionals are turning to digital alternatives like online networking platforms and smart business cards.

Smart business cards are a contemporary, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional business cards. These are powered by NFC technology and can share or exchange personal/business information with just one tap.

Digital or virtual business cards, as they are also known, eliminate the need to carry tons of paper-based cards, which often get thrown away or lost. Moreover, they offer many benefits that traditional business cards don’t.

To read more about the benefits of smart business cards, read our blog:

How Smart Business Cards Help Your Business Transform Digitally?

Here’s how you can implement digital transformation in your business networking strategy by making the most of smart business cards:

1. Go Paperless

The first step in implementing digital transformation for business networking is to go paperless. It includes replacing traditional business cards with digital alternatives such as smart business cards.

Going paperless offers a number of benefits. Firstly, it’s entirely environmentally friendly. As you know, traditional business cards are made from paper, requiring trees to be cut down. This can contribute to deforestation and other environmental-related problems.

On the other hand, digital business cards don’t require paper or physical resources to create. This makes them a more sustainable option that lasts longer without harming the environment.

When you go paperless, sharing and storing contact information becomes much easier. Unlike paper business cards where you have to physically hand them over to someone, you can simply tap a digital business card on a smartphone to instantly share the information.

2. Switch To Smart Business Cards

Once you’ve decided to go paperless, next you should start using smart digital business cards. As said, these offer a number of benefits. They’re more visually appealing than paper-based alternatives. In addition to text, you can add multimedia elements like videos, images, pdfs, website links, and even QR codes to your digital business cards. This can make them more engaging and memorable.

There are numerous innovative features in smart business cards that you could never imagine while using traditional business cards. For example, how many people have viewed your profile or links on your digital business cards. It also allows you to seek valuable insights into your networking efforts.

And you can easily integrate with Marketing, Sales, and HR software. This is extremely convenient for businesses with larger teams.

3. Integrate Your Networking Strategy With Social Media

Nothing can beat the networking benefits of social media. Platforms like LinkedIn are a great way to connect with peers and other professionals and grow your network. Integrating social media into your networking strategy can help you leverage the power of these platforms and reach a wider audience. Simply, add your social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube and others on your digital profile. Next time when you share your profile with another person, not only they can download your contact information but also get connected with your on various social channels. It allows you to make more meaningful and long-lasting connections.

Using social media can also help you to promote your smart business card and encourage others to connect with you. Simply share a link to your profile page or landing page on your LinkedIn or in relevant LinkedIn groups, and with the QR code on your digital business card, in can easily be shared with others.

This is a fast and innovative way to impress people and build your network.

4. Cost-effective

Traditional business cards can be costly to print and distribute. Smart business cards, on the other hand, can be shared digitally, eliminating the need for printing and shipping costs.

5. Accessible

Smart business cards can be accessed from any device with internet connection, so you can share them with anyone, anywhere, at any time. This can be done by tapping the card on back of any smartphone or by allowing others to scan the QR code on your card or your profile.

6. Contact Information is Always Up-to-date

Smart business cards allow you to store your contact information in a digital format, which means that you can update it at any time. This eliminates the need to print new cards every time you change your phone number, email address, website, or social links.

The Takeaway

While your journey to digital transformation can be long and ever-evolving, incorporating new tech like smart business cards can go a long way in modernizing your brand and achieving networking goals.They are a great way to stay relevant in today's digital age while still making a lasting impression. They offer a cost-effective, trackable, accessible, and easily updatable way to share your contact information and connect with others.

If the idea of using smart business cards sounds encouraging and impressive to you, visit Tappett. The No.1 smart business card today. Create a personalized digital business card in no time and start sharing it today! It is full of unique features and can be availed at affordable prices. All of our products include a free digital business card profile.

By utilizing smart business cards, you can help your business transform digitally and stay ahead of the competition.

For more details, visit us today.

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