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Smart Business Cards

Pop Smarts (Smart Holders)


How Does It Work?


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Select & customize Your Prodcut

Customize your product & enter the Name you would like to be printed on It (only for smart business cards)


Set Up Your Profile

Once you receive your Tappett, you will receive instruction on how to set up your profile with your contact information, your social accounts, and much more!



Simply Tap your Tappett on a compatible phone to instantly transfer your contact, your social accounts, and much more!




 Simply Tap your Tappett on a compatible smartphone to interact and connect with others in seconds. 

Share Your Social Accounts

Share Your Contact Information

Instant Transfer of Information

Update Your Contact Details in Real-Time

No Apps Required

Profile Picture & Company Logo

What Do People Say?


Anna, Digital Marketer

Absolutely loved the idea. Helps you interact and connect with others like never before. Phone number, email, Instagram, and much more with a tap!

Nathen, Gym Owner/Trainer

As a business owner, I used to carry a tone of business cards and I always found out people lose them. Thanks to Tappett I don't have these problem anymore! 

Sophia, Real Estate Agent

It's really amazing how much you can share with a simple Tap. I can now connect with my clients on multiple platforms. 

Alex, Photographer

This has made my life so much easier as I can quickly connect with people on the go!