Our Popsmart phone grip-holders are here to change your networking and prospecting game. Never let clients and associates lose your business card and connect with them through different channels. Promote your business and yourself like never before with our Popsmart. Simply tap your Popsmart on any compatible phone instantly share your contact info, social networks, and much more. 

Popsmart - Smart Phone Holder - Blue Haze

  • Our Popsmart is here to replace your old business cards. Simply tap it on any compatible device and pass your social accounts, your contact and much more instantly. 

  • Unopened and undamged packages and products can be returned within 30 days of the purchase. 


Learn About Smart Cyber Card 





Select & customize Your Card

Customize your card & enter the Name you would like to be printed on It


Set Up Your Profile

Once you receive your Smart Cyber Card, you will receive instruction on how to set up your profile with your contact information, your social accounts, and much more!


Tap Your Card

Simply Tap your card on a compatible phone to instantly transfer your contact, your social accounts, and much more!


 Simply Tap your Smart Cyber Card on a compatible smartphone to interact and connect with others in seconds. 

Share Your Social Accounts

Share Your Contact